What I am thankful for

Salamat po! turned 5 today!
Thankful for the many years of blessings. For being alive, happy, healthy, and loved.

Salamat po! turned 5 today!

Thankful for the many years of blessings. For being alive, happy, healthy, and loved.


What are the things you are thankful about? Be it material, spiritual, people or anything at all, say it! Let the world know.

The word “Salamat” is the Filipino word for “Thank you.” It has variations all over the country, depending on the dialect, but it sounds similar and all has the same meaning.

For Muslims and Arab speakers, it may sound familiar because the root word of “salamat” comes from the Arabic spoken greeting “Salam Alaykum.” Salam means peace, and the statement as a whole can be translated to “peace be with you.”

Personally, I find it easier to say “salamat”. Somehow, it’s more meaningful than saying “thank you” even though they have the same meaning. I guess for me salamat has more weight when you say it to someone when you are thankful.

I’ve got tons of blogs that I rarely get to keep, but I hope to keep this one up as best as I can.


I just realized that my last post was a year ago. That doesn’t mean no good things have happened. I was just too lazy to update this blog.

2012 had a pretty good start for me. I was unempt, but I wasn’t destitute. The first quarter of the year saw me travelling and watching three awesome bands in concert. I met new people, tried new things and explored different places.

The rest of the year was pretty low key, but there were still so many to be grateful for. My finances were dwindling, but I was getting enough from my freelance jobs to get by. I was able to purchase a new mobile phone, my first major one since 2004. I went on a trip with two good friends, and I started studying Japanese in ernest. I also ran my first (and so far only) marathon, which was really fun. I also got introduced to the sport rugby, and I am grateful for the men who play this game.

Life wasn’t always happy. While the last quarter of the year was ok, two things happened that shattered my world. It changed how I saw things, and it changed me, tho probably not in a good way.

Still, I saw that there is an effort to make it work, to make amends, and for that I’m grateful. I am praying for a better relationship, for one that is stronger on trust and love. I am optimistic for 2013.

I pray for a source of income for myself that is steady and stable. Where I could do things and be happy about it, rather than wake up feeling dread. I don’t need to be filthy rich, but just have enough to be comfortable and worry less.

Hope your year is going well. I wish you the best.

Thank You for another year!


"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart"


Today’s “Thank you” moments:

1. Finding a really nice copy (no dents, nicks, folds or marks) of Linda Buckley-Archer’s “The Time Travelers” (The Tar Man). Bonus: Getting the book at 20% off.

2. A guy in line at Starbucks who gave away his planner stickers because he’s completed his card. Bonus: Starbucks was offering it at one drink = 2 stickers (it runs until Jan. 15!)

3. Watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with my good friend. Bonus: It was his treat.

4. Getting a Sherlock/detective Mini-Fig. Bonus: I had to wait an extra week because when I opened the pack, it had no legs. Drew had to go back to the store and ask for a replacement and they gave him legs from their emergency repair stock. :)

5. Got tickets to the train pretty fast. Got on the train easily and it wasn’t crowded. Bonus: Considering that it’s Friday, and a lot of people just got their pay.

Thank you for getting me safely home. Thank you for the food that kept me nourished. Thank you for the little indulgences that I can afford. Thank you for the family and friends who surround me with love and positivity. Thank you for our good health.


Today’s plan was to meet up with some friends, go to the Komikon then go for dinner. That pretty much went according to what I wanted, but it went even further. Lots of walking and exploring. I’m positive that with these adventures with these friends, I’ll end up exploring the whole of Metro Manila.

Went to visit an old haunt: Greenhills. It’s changed so much since I last went there, but a small part of it didn’t seem to have changed at all. While walking around I was so surprised to see my high school guy best friend lined up to place his bets on the Lotto. Unable to help myself, I ran over and hugged him. Though I don’t see him often, it’s like we’ve never been apart when we get together.

Had a delicious dinner, and once again linked one friend to another. It was a truly awesome day.

More things to be thankful for:

  • Seeing so much talent in one room. I’m inspired to be a better artist, and I hope that everyone —- young and old, newbies and veterans, professionals and hobbyists —- will get their chance to further showcase these talents and be recognized.
  • Getting home safe and sound. A woman I admire once said surviving in Manila already gives you the advantage of being able to survive anywhere else. It’s not easy to commute within Metro Manila. I’m glad I can, and I’m glad I’m safe.
  • Being with my family. I haven’t spent much time with them this week, but I’m happy to have what I can. My parents are cool, even if they’re not perfect. I pray for their success in their ventures, I pray for their continued good health, I pray for their relationship with each other, as well as towards others. I pray that they successfully overcome whatever challenges they face.
  • My grandfather is doing well. I pray he continues to be so, and I feel blessed for each day that passes and he is still doing great.
  • Knowing that I am loved. That means so much.

God bless you all.


The biggest thanks I have for today is that the Lord added another year and a day to my existence. I have wonderful friends and family. The opportunities are continuously coming in. I’ve pretty healthy, I’m able to do things that I enjoy and I’m learning.

Today, I’m particularly happy for these things:

  • Saw someone I had grievances with in the past. I was quite nervous, but pleasantly surprised to be treated with civilly and politely, no chills or cold shoulder. I appreciated that, and made me rethink my opinion of that person.
  • I saw a good friend achieve her dreams. I’ve seen her struggle, and seeing her at this point in her life makes me proud. Congratulations Attorney!
  • The cab I rode home in was cut off by a rude driver. The cab driver was trying to edge out the other driver, but I asked him to just let the other guy be because he’s (the cabbie) has a passenger (me). Thankfully he backed off, and I’m home safe and sound.

I turned 30 yesterday. They say it’s a milestone. Me, I’m just grateful to be here still. I resolve to be more active, be more creative, be more thankful and love more.


"As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world. ~ Terri Guillemets"


It’s two weeks into 2012 and while I wrote something about my thankfulness for the past year, here’s a quick list.

In 2011, I am thankful for:

  • Celebrating my 30th year in this world.
  • Not getting any major sickness, either myself or anyone in my immediate family.
  • The birth of my first niece, Cassie. She’s four months now, and is such a curious baby. She never fails to make me smile even at times when she’s cranky and doesn’t want me to carry her. I love her big eyes, her expressive face and her crazy hair.
  • A fun adventure with my best friend since 2nd grade. We did our version of Amazing Race in Singapore, went on a three day cruise to Malaysia and back, then tried our hand at extreme sports in Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon.
  • For friends who continuously inspire me, support me in shenanigans. Friends who are game for fun, but are also there when the chips are down. Year in and year out, it’s one thing I will always be thankful for and I hope I will never ever take for granted.
  • For my family who, despite our differences, despite the challenges we face… I know that you will always be there. Thank you for the love and the encouragement.
  • For my little Canon Ixus 80 IS, my constant companion in my travels and adventures. It suffered countless falls, earning numerous scratches and dents, but still it survives to take photos. On a budget but want a decent compact camera? Get this.
  • The celebration of the life of my great-uncle, Lolo Vering. He may have gone ahead, but his memories, his generosity and his love will always linger on.
  • The opportunity to get to know my co-workers better. We lost our jobs, but we gained more friends in the short time we had left as colleagues. I’m ever so thankful for that chance.

That’s only a few. I could go on. Here’s to a great 2012.


  1. Finally saw my heart’s sisters, Den and Ching after a very long time!
  2. Videoke session, with two free songs hehe.
  3. Got to visit Muji in Bonifacio High Street.
  4. I didn’t get wet (much) when it rained.
  5. Met with friends Ryan and Drew.
  6. Met a new friend, Yue.
  7. Got a new Pinky St, yet unnamed.
  8. Finally got to try Hana’s takoyaki (the best in the metro!)
  9. Long trip home, but arrived safe and sound
  10. Stuck to my P500 budget, which included the payment for the new toy.


  1. I was told that I was a cool person by someone I just met.
  2. I got to spend time with my two best friends.
  3. I got to spend an afternoon with two new friends, stuff ourselves silly and didn’t spend anything over P20 (except for fare).
  4. Someone bought the books we were selling online.
  5. Enough stash of Oreo in various flavors to make myself sick. :) 
  6. Hanging out with my sister, getting new clothes (one was even on sale!)


Today was one of those days where the good and great things just kept on flowing. Quick rundown:

  • I got to finish a huge bulk of my work. Only minor updates on Monday!
  • Had lunch with the team, and I didn’t have to pay anything except the parking
  • Found the third book in Philip Pullman’s “Sally Lockheart” series for only P95!
  • Got film (36 shots)
  • Found a hardback copy of Nora Roberts’ “Black Hills” for only P99
  • Went to my best friend’s house so she could give me her gift from Japan: A yukata!
  • Her brother gave me a Professor Layton gashopon
  • Arrived home save & dry

Will post photos of my finds and gifts later. Thank you for this most amazing day! :)